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Preparing for your law exams can be a very difficult time for many students. Law exams often differ from other subjects in that you are not just being asked to prove your knowledge, but to apply your understanding of the law to a problem scenario. This means not only learning about the law, but also knowing how it works in real life situations. Preparing for a law exam goes beyond learning facts, so knowing how to prepare a detailed answer in a short period of time is a key skill for exam success. We have options to suit any type of law exam, just select the option that fits your needs:

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Discuss the regulation surrounding cartels under s.188 of the 2002 Enterprise Act.

It is widely recognised by the vast majority of commentators that cartels possess the potential to significantly harm the economy and disastrously distort markets; indeed, observers do not shy in damning cartels as 'the biggest global financial fraud' and 'the supreme evil' of antitrust. In contrast, there is significantly less unanimity on the matter of how best to combat cartel behaviour. Recent decades have seen a global upsurge in state regulation, initially primarily in the civil arena, and now increasingly via the criminal law as more states seek to follow the USA's example of including criminal sanctions as part of an 'aggressive' regulation strategy.

The UK is a prime example of such a state, with the decision to supplement the civil competition enforcement regimes with the introduction of a criminal offence for cartel activity, as per s. 188 of the 2002 Enterprise Act. This move has been met with strongly mixed reviews.

  • Option 1: Seen Exam

    Seen exams are common on some law courses. Here, you are given the question in advance and able to prepare an answer before sitting the exam. When sitting the exam, this allows you to focus more on the application of law to the problem questions at hand, rather than struggling to remember facts. By ordering our ‘seen exam' option, our legal writers will produce a fully written exam answer (normally without referencing) to give you the perfect foundation to prepare for your exam.

  • Option 2: Exam Notes

    Another common type of law exam is called an ‘open book' exam. Here, you are allowed to take some material into the exam with you – this might be a book or some basic notes, for example. Our writers can prepare easily digestible notes to help you prepare for this type of exam. Alternatively, if you're simply looking for facts and easy to learn nuggets of information for a traditional exam, the ‘exam notes' option is for you.

  • Option 3: Exam Answer

    Prior to an exam, you'll often be given past exam papers to review and help you prepare. These give a fantastic insight into the type of questions you'll be asked – slightly modified versions of the questions may even appear on the upcoming exam. With our ‘exam answer' option, our writers will prepare a perfect exam answer for you, designed to show you how to effectively answer a question in order to achieve maximum marks.

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At Parallelewelten, we understand just how stressful exam revision can be, so we designed our exam revision service to give you multiple options to suit any kind of exam. Whether you're looking to get a head start on your revision, some example answers to give you key hints and tips on how to prepare, or simply basic notes to help structure your revision and answer writing, we can help:

  1. Writers with experience: we exclusively use writers qualified in law, and every single one of them has sat the same exams that you will. You can relax knowing your writer has both the knowledge and experience to help you with your revision, no matter which option you choose.
  2. Completely original notes: your order will be 100% original, meaning that it will never be resold or shared with another person. The notes or answer we produce for you will be exclusively created just for you, to meet your specific needs. To prove this, every order comes with a plagiarism scan report which demonstrates its originality.
  3. Delivered on time, every time: exam season is a busy time of year, and with lots to prepare for, the last thing you need is to be let down. We guarantee that our work will be delivered on time, meaning if you're short on time, you can rest assured, knowing your order will be there when you need it.