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Do you need to scan for plagiarism in your law essays?

Are you worried you may have accidentally plagiarised your essay or dissertation? Viper will scan for plagiarism in your documents within seconds, and it's recommended that you use it on all your essays. Take a look at the points below to see why Viper is just what you're looking for.

  • Viper is a 100% free plagiarism checker
  • Your work is scanned for plagiarism against billions of sources including books, Internet resources and journals!
  • It also produces plagiarism reports ultra fast.
  • It detects missing citations and incorrect referencing in your documents.
  • It scans your work and detects plagiarism anywhere in the world.

Why would I want to scan for plagiarism?

Scanning an essay for plagiarism is essential, as accidents do happen!

  • Perhaps you've bought an essay from a custom essay company and want to check its originality?
  • Been busy studying and not sure if any work has slipped in that's not 100% your own?
  • Used people's comments and not referenced them correctly?

You need to ensure that you're not infringing ever-tightening rules on plagiarism.

To fully ensure that no unintentional plagiarised content has entered your work, it's advisable to use our Viper plagiarism scanner after you have completed any piece of academic work, just before you submit it to your tutor. In fact, using our free Viper software should become second nature to you, just like using a spellchecker is.

Why scan for plagiarism with Viper and not Turnitin?

Viper does exactly what it says on the tin; it will scan for plagiarism and it's 100% free. This software should be a part of every student's tool kit and here's why.

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