1. How We Check Your Work

Here at Parallelewelten.net, we take our time when checking your work to ensure that your requirements are met in full and the work is delivered, without errors, to the grade you ordered. We check every single detail, from the validity and strength of the sources through to the use of critical language and signposting, and provide you with a report so that you can see the measures we've taken to ensure your work is to the grade you ordered.

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Quality Checks

Here's a brief overview of our quality control checks:

  1. We check the work against your instructions – Great work has to precisely meet your requirements, so first and foremost we check your work against the instructions provided. We also give you opportunity to provide a marking scheme for more precise marking.
  2. Make sure the simple stuff is correct – We start with the basics by checking the word count, spelling and grammar to ensure your writer has not made any silly mistakes.
  3. Presentation, flow and signposting matters – It's vital for a good piece of academic work to have strong presentation with excellent flow and signposting, so that the reader and marker know exactly what to expect from your work. These vital elements make a massive difference to your final grade.
  4. We check the referencing and bibliography – Every reference is checked for its technical accuracy, as well as for validity and strength. As references are one of the most important aspects of academic work, we meticulously check each one to ensure that they are up to our high standards.
  5. Subject specific content and critical thinking – We make use of subject specific marking to ensure that the critical analysis in the essay reaches reasonable conclusions and that any technical details of the work are correct.
  6. We present a rounded view and final grade – Taking all of the previous measures into account, we determine a final grade for your work (following your marking scheme if provided). We also provide feedback for further improvement of your model answer wherever possible.

To see the quality checks in action, take a look at an example of our quality report.

Statement from the Aftercare Team Manager

Here in the Aftercare team, contrary to our name, our work starts before your work is even delivered. We work closely with your writer to ensure your work is delivered on time and to the quality ordered. The vast majority of orders will see drafts sent to our internal quality control team for review during the writing process, with plenty of time before delivery, to ensure that when it comes to your delivery date, even the smallest of errors have been corrected.

With a custom piece of work such that those we provide mistakes can happen, but with our approach to controlling quality we can be confident when we say that we provide the highest quality custom law help in the industry. Every single member of our team here at Parallelewelten.net is extremely proud of the work we deliver and was chosen for the role in our team due to their attention to detail and academic experience. It is thanks to our skilled team, talented writers and (most importantly) our customers' feedback that we're the UK's highest quality law essay writing service.

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