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Building your order with Parallelewelten couldn't be simpler with our easy to use price calculator. Just choose the options matching your requirements to find a price that suits your needs. Personalise your choices and start designing your order today!

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The price you see in the quote calculator above is the price you pay inclusive of all taxes. All of our services offer exceptional value for money but may appear high when compared with other companies. This is because the work we produce is custom written to your exact requirements, using professional academic writers who are proven in their field of writing.

We have extensive policies in place to prevent plagiarism and our quality control checks ensure that each piece of work supplied has been rigorously checked.

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There's No Rush!

Take it easy - there’s no rush to place an order here, we're not going anywhere. You can come back to the quote calculator at any time by clicking the "Instant Price" link at the top of each page. Before you place an order, we invite you to take a look at who we are and why we believe that quality is more important than bargain basement prices. What’s important to us is that when you place your order, you have total peace of mind that it will be delivered as promised and at a standard you are happy with.

What If I Want To Make Changes?

Amendments must be in line with your original order details and made within 7 days of receiving your work, otherwise your researcher is free to request an additional fee.

If you can't find a journal or a source that the writer has used, we'll help to point you in the right direction.