11.2.1 Applications, Grounds and Remedies - Introduction

Welcome to the eleventh topic in this module guide – Applications, Grounds and Remedies! This topic follows on from the previous topic which confers the notional basis of, and requirements for, judicial review.

Below are some goals and objectives for you to refer to after learning this section.

Goals for this section:

  • To understand the procedure for judicial review applications, established by Order 54 of the Civil Procedure Rules.
  • To identify the three grounds for judicial review outlined by Lord Diplock in Council of Civil Service Unions v Minister for the Civil Service [1985] AC 374.
  • To consider the opportunities and weaknesses of the exercise of discretion by public authorities.

Objectives for this section:

  • To be able to recognise what remedies are available in judicial review cases.
  • To be able to understand how principles of natural justice and judicial review entwine.

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