LLM study guide

Do you need help deciding if the LLM is the right course for you? Perhaps you are already on the LLM course, and need help with writing your essay or dissertation at Masters level?

Parallelewelten can provide you with all the help you need:

What is an LLM?

This resource guide explains:

  • What the acronym LLM stands for
  • What having the qualification will and will not enable you to do upon competition
  • A description of some of the more common law subject areas covered by the LL. M.

Which law school is right for me?

This resource guide explains:

If you are still struggling to choose a location to study your LLM course, this guide will help you look at the different factors which will influence your final decision.

Funding your LLM

This resource guide explains:

  • A general cost of the LLM course, UK and abroad
  • How funding can be obtained

Writing a dissertation at LLM level

This resource guide explains:

  • What is a dissertation?
  • Planning your LLM dissertation
  • Starting work on your LLM dissertation
  • Beginning to write your dissertation
  • On completion of your dissertation...

Writing an essay at LLM level

This resource guide explains:

  • Where to start
  • Undertaking research
  • Beginning to write your LLM essay
  • On completion of your LLM essay