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Type of Sentence Must the offence be imprisonable Age Minimum Maximum Other Requirements/Comments
Absolute Discharge No 10-17 - - Suitable where the Court does not want to punish the defendant and furthermore feels that the defendant is morally blameless.
Referral Order No 10-17 3 months 12 months Available from April 2002. Refers to 1st time offenders pleading guilty. Refer to the Youth Offender Panel where contract drawn up to prevent re-offending.
Conditional Discharge No 10-17 None 3 years Appropriate where inexpedient to punish. But may not be made where offender has received a Final Warning within previous 2 years. If defendant commits offence during currency of order then liable to sentence for subsequent AND original offence.
Fine No 10-13 None £250 Seriousness of offence(s) is reflected in the amount of the fine imposed.The financial circumstances of the offender/parent must be taken into account.
- - 14-17 None £1000 -
Reparation Order No 10-17 None 24 hours over 3 months To take into account feelings and wishes of victims of crime, confront offenders with consequences of their criminal behaviour and allowing them to make amends
Action Plan Order No 10-17 3 months 3 months Short intensive individually tailored response to offending behaviour, addressing causes of offending and offending itself.Can include specified activities.
Attendance Centre Order Yes 10-13 12 hours 12 hours Centre must be reasonably accessible; Can be reduced if 12 hours excessive. Can be increased to 24 hours only if 12 are inadequate.
- - 15-17 12 hours 24 hours -
- - 16-17 12 hours 36 hours -
Supervision Order No 10-17 None 3 years To encourage and assist offenders towards a responsible and law-abiding life, secure rehabilitation, protect public from harm. Prevent further offences. Requirements can be included.
Community Rehabilitation Order No 16-17 6 months 3 years Defendant will be supervised by probation officer.Purpose is to rehabilitate, protect the public and prevent further offences.
Community Punishment Order Yes 16-17 40 hours 240 hours Defendant will be allocated tasks of benefit to the community.
Community Punishment &Rehabilitation Order: Rehabilitation element: Punishment element: Yes 16-17 1 year 40 hours 3 years 100 hours Reserved for the most serious offences within the community.
* No 16-17 6 months 3 years Defendant must be dependent on or have propensity to misuse drugs, which requires, and may be susceptible to, treatment.Will be treatment and testing requirements and periodic reviews by court.
Curfew Order No 10-17 Up to 6 months in length (3 months if under 16) 2-12 hours per day Court must obtain and consider information about proposed curfew address including the attitude of others affected by the Order. Order must take account of religious beliefs: for example the Jewish Sabbath runs from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset and special consideration may be appropriate, employment, education and requirement of other Community Orders.
Detention and Training Order Yes 12-17 4 months 24 months NB. 4,6,8,10,12,18,24 months Where offence(s) are so serious a period of custody is required.A period of detention and training followed by a period of supervision.If offender is under 15 years at the date of conviction must be a "persistent offender".
Custody Yes 10-17 - - See below for details.

* Consent required

NB. Power to make Compensation Order as a stand-alone sentence.


These orders may be made in addition to the above disposals:

Parenting Order No 10-15 must
16-17 may
- 12 months Prevent offending by providing help, support, encouragement and direction to parents in taking responsibility provide proper care/control to their children. 2 elements: (1)guidance/counselling 3 months max, 1 x per week; (2) requirements regarding exercising control over child's behaviour up to 12 months. Age 10-15 reasons if no Order made.
Parental Bind Over No 10-15 must
16-17 may
- £1,000
3 years or 18th
An Order binding over the parent(s) where court satisfied in circumstances of the case that to do so would prevent re-offending. Age 10-15 reasons if no Order made.

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