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The free movement of goods

The Internal Market, promoting the free movement of goods, services, capital and people, is one of the most significant and consistently progressing objectives for the European Union (EU).

Purposes of the world trade organisation

One Of The Main Purposes Of The World Trade Organisation (WTO) Rules Is To Promote Trade Liberalisation, That Is, The Elimination Or Reduction Of Barriers To Trade’.

The effective operation of commerce

For The Effective Operation Of Commerce, It Is Important To Be Able To Point To The Exact Time At Which Property In Goods Passes. However, Existing Legal Principles Do Not Always Make It Easy To Make That Determination.

Comparative view of parallel imports

Parallel Imports (PI), also called gray-market imports, are goods produced genuinely under protection of a trademark, patent, or copyright, placed into circulation in one market, and then imported into another market

Subsidies under the scm agreement

Undoubtedly, the law relating to the development and administration of the use of subsidies developing is one of the most difficult areas of international economic policy and rule making.

The doctrine of good faith case

The doctrine of Good faith owes its origin to the law of equity and can be traced to the Court of Chancery’s decision in the case

Supply of goods and services act

The area of law which the scenario relates to is the Supply of Goods and Services Act (SGSA) 1982 and the Sale of goods Act (SOGA) 1979.

The sales of goods act

In the every day life of people buying and selling is an action that takes place very often . Law exists ( the Sales of Goods Act 1979 ) that regulates the above and there are clear points in it which regulate

The international sale of goods

International trade law (or export law as it is sometimes called) is often studied for an LLM or in the third year of the LLB.

Dumping and international price discrimination

Dumping is, in general, a situation of international price discrimination where the price of a product which is sold to the importing country is less than the price of the same product when sold in the market of the exporting country.

Customs duties on imports and exports

The EU is, at its core a common market which necessitates that goods flow between its constituent member states unimpeded by customs duties and other measures.

WA Pines v Bannerman – Casenotes

The respondent cross-appealed against the original judge’s refusal to strike out another of the paragraphs of the appellant’s statement of claim.

Failure of corporate governance

For running the business of companies, especially large public companies we need efficiency, transparency and accountability.

Law of carriage of goods

This memorandum of advice has been prepared at the request of the Attorney-General who is aware of developments in the law relating to the carriage of goods by sea, in particular the formulation and opening for signature of the Rotterdam Rules.

Characteristic of all human societies

Commerce and trade has been a characteristic of all human societies from time immemorial. With the expansion of trade it was necessary to branch out and set up mercantile establishments in places far from the successful parent store.

Parties the oil and gas industry

Is It Inevitable That Those Engaged In The Oil And Gas Industry Will Opt For Agreed Dispute Resolution Processes (Whether Personal To Their Contracts Or Set By International Instrument)

The anglo-norwegian fisheries case

Since 1911 British trawlers had been seized and condemned for violating measures taken by the Norwegian government specifying the limits within which fishing was prohibited to foreigners.

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