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TORTS TUTORIAL Private Nuisance and its Boundaries

A person is guilty of committing private nuisance who does any act, or is guilty of an illegal omission, which is an unlawful interference with a persons use or enjoyment of land, or some right over it…

Telfords gifts

In order for Telford’s gifts to be valid it is first important to mention that the creation of a trust will depend on whether Telford has the right to hold and dispose of a legal/equitable interest in property.

Constructive trust

The case concerned: Constructive trust, Common Intention, Detrimental Reliance, Quantification of Share, whether woman entitled to beneficial share…

Law of trust distinguished

A trust is the creature of Equity and not of common law. Equity can be described as the body of rules which evolved from those rules applied and administered by the Court of Chancery before the Judicature Act 1873.

Duties, discretions and powers of trustees

Duties and powers of a trustee are listed according to the proper law by which the trust is governed. Duties required for a trustee are set out by different jurisdictions which have their own legislation.

Land Registration Act 2002

Introduction The core aim of the Land Registration Act (LRA) 2002 is “to ensure that ownership of land in England and Wales takes the form of…

The law of property act

The introduction of the Law of Property Act 1925 and the system of land registration has solved the problems that existed prior to this date and has made the transfer of land much simpler.

Rights of the true owner

Conversion is defined as an intentional dealing with goods in such a way that inconsistent with the rights of the true owner.

Trust properties

In the scenario presented there are various trust properties that need to be examined, to see whether or not they have fulfilled the required formalities to create an express trust or whether they will pass through the testators will

Foundation in property law

Property rights in land fall into two categories, ‘legal’ and ‘equitable’.

The main categories of constructive trust

Constructive trusts exist where it is right that the owner of some property should not enjoy it personally, but should hold it on trust for another.

Restitution Property Possession | Property Law Essay

Restitution Property Possession – The law of restitution means the return of property to the owner or person entitled to possession. If one person has been unjustifiably received either property or money from another…

mortgages have attracted the attention

the Courts and the Parliament in seeking to protect the interests of the mortgagor. Select either historical or contemporary measure/s taken by…

Intellectual property law problem question

In advising Blondzone it will be established whether Blondzone owns the copyright of the literary, musical and artistic works of the song ‘I Can’t Believe You Sold Your Soul (But That’s The Way Life Goes) and the album cover.

Trusts Property and the Trustee | Propety Trusts Law Essay

Trusts Property and the Trustee. The opening quotation can be said to identify one of the basic tenets of trust law in England and Wales. The trust is a creation of equity, and has developed over the centuries…

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