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Land Law Essays

The selection of Land Law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work.

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Land Registration Act

The agreement between Sylvia and her brother was an oral agreement and no formal conveyance of title took place, which would have triggered a registration at the Land Registry.

Acquiring an easement by prescrption

The essential characteristics of an easement have been long established and bound and enshrined in the workings of the modern day Land Law system.

Transfer of Property

Section 100 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882(henceforth referred as ‘the Act’) defines a charge. “Where immoveable property of one…

owned by the proprietor and subsequent buyer

Starting off with the differentiation between a chattel and a fixture in general terms is that, fixtures and fittings that accede to the land will become part of the land with the result that they are…

Limiting the usage on a property: Land Law

All four may have rights that could have been registered but may be found to have an overriding interest under the Land Registration Act 2002.

Law Forest Dwellers | Land Law Essay

Law Forest Dwellers. Trees are friends of mankind and forests are necessary for the human existence either for the development or for providing place for habitation. In ancient times and as per some religious belief trees are worshipped

The beneficial principle of proprietary estoppel

The Primary Significance Of Thorner V. Major Lies In The House Of Lords’ Affirmation Of “The Beneficial Principle Of Proprietary Estoppel” And The Confirmation That The Principle Has Not Been Emasculated By The Decision In Yeoman’s Row V. Cobbe.

Proprietary estoppel and constructive trust

ly, constructive trust is a device which was derived from equity and certain component instruments must be fulfilled before it can be operational. …

Property of ‘any kind’ may be transferred

The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 (hereinafter, the Act) is a civil legislation of immense importance owing to the vast number of property related…

Land ownership and devolution in Scotland

Following the devolution of Scotland and ability for the country to make its own laws, the position to property ownership has become somewhat removed.

Doctrine of Notice in Unregistered Land System

The doctrine of notice is still prevalent in the unregistered land system, arguably it is more relevant in the system than legislators wanted or intended.

Assess the advantages of the current system

‘cracks in the mirror’ (60% of the marks); the rules on rectification (20% of the marks), and third party rights being registered against the…

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