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The jewel in the Crown

The jury system is often described as ‘the jewel in the Crown’ or ‘the corner-stone of the British criminal justice system. It is a …

Southwark crown court

Southwark Crown Court was my chosen court and I decided to choose the Old Bailey for one to compare anything that I hade doubts over mainly because it was the most famous and I had always heard the most high profile cases end up there.

Most effective and appropriate solution

In response to the question I will address the said clients separately and advise on the most effective and appropriate solution for each client.

Has the law remained true to the neighbour?

Donoghue v. Stevenson is a remarkable example of common law judges at work, distinguishing, over-ruling, criticising and explaining hundreds of decisions extending…

Separation of powers

Separation of powers is when the state is divided into three different governmental bodies (legislature, executive and judiciary); and all three bodies have separate and independent powers and areas of responsibility.

Courts and rational set of rules

Courts are required to apply a rational set of rules in order to determine whether a trust has been validly created or not. So it is almost settled law that an express trust should be consist of the following characteristics

Jury system is the ultimate trial

The jury system Jury system is the ultimate trial. The supreme decision of our justice system. The last conclusion of right or wrong. This system …

Citizen & state.

This problem question necessitates a discussion surrounding the area of Administrative Law in particular Judicial Review.

Alternative dispute resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an option that is becoming more and more popular which allows people to resolve their disputes out side of the court in a comprehensive and cooperative way.

Case law in england and wales

The case law in England and Wales on the nature and degree of harm for which the consent of “the victim” provides a defence to charges under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861,

Judicial creativity is basis of judges

This essay will argue that judicial creativity is the basis of judges’ practice of the common law (‘judge made law’) and also has an influence on enforcing positive law enacted by Parliament.

The quotation made by lord woolf

The aim of this essay is to examine the quotation made by Lord Woolf CJ with regards to certainty and flexibility within the doctrine of judicial precedent; it is important to consider the principles of judicial precedent that facilitate certainty and flexibility within the law and also the principles that cause weakness.

Prerogative powers remain an important

Prerogative Powers Remain An Important Element Of The United Kingdoms Constitution. Should They Be Subject To Greater Parliamentary And Judicial Scrutiny?

The idea of separation of powers

The idea of Separation of Powers suggests that governance of the State should not fall solely under one organ of the State which could be identified as the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

Action based on judicial review

Judicial review can also be expressed as a challenge to the public body in ways judgements are reached, as (Taylor, 2008) comments that ‘Judicial review allows the individual to directly challenge at least some


Our founding fathers entrusted to Parliament the power to legislate, and thus determine policy for the realisation of the egalitarian goals as set out in the Constitution.




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