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The Saudi Arabian system of commercial law

A socio-legal point of view of its major flaws in its ability to deal with major international business transactions involving foreign parties.

Responsibility for injury to aliens?

This article aims to address the following issues regarding the law of state responsibility for injury to aliens. Some of the aspects…

A direct result of globalization

A direct result of globalization was coming into existence of multi national companies and various international institutions. As a result of greater interaction among these global entities, and the rapid rise in trade that resulted thereof,

International Arbitration Enforcement | International Law Essay

International Arbitration Enforcement. As number of international commercial arbitration expands the enforcement of arbitral awards increases but there are instances of awards not being paid for, voluntarily in some issues.

Carriage of goods internationally

Ontario Company is a multinational corporation organized under the laws of Ontario, Canada, with its principal place of business in Toronto, …

Extradition procedures

Extradition procedures are regarded as an essential tool in the fight against transnational crime. Critically evaluate the developments in extradition law following the events of September 11, 2001.

Case for Reforming Security Councils

The United Nations Security Council (henceforth SC) is the executive arm of the United Nations (UN). Its role is to maintain peace and security …

United Nations Peacekeeping Role in Rwanda

Rwanda is the most shameful example of recent failure by the international community (House of Commons, 1998/99: v). Under the peacekeeping …

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