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Nationality law in the United Kingdom

The British Nationality Act of 1948 was set in place as a response to the need to give separate citizenships to individuals of Commonwealth countries.

Role as an immigration officer

In this case study I will be comparing my role as an immigration officer and a customs officer

Immigration and asylum law

Even where the appellant is unlikely to re-offend, the judicial authorities may be prepared to uphold a deportation on the basis that it may serve as an example and deter others.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the legal processes and institutions available to migrants in order to achieve justice.

Immigration Law

This essay will examine the criteria for the convention ground of membership of a particular social group and will assess how the Law Lords have been able to extend this concept to enable them to deal with asylum claims based on gender persecution.

Immigration problems and sham marriage

It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that there is much resort to sham marriage as a means of obtaining leave to enter for persons who would not otherwise be able to obtain it.

Immigration law and families

A Study On Immigration Law: To What Extent Do Families Become Detained In The UK For Claiming Asylum Seeker Status; In What Cases The Detention Can Be Seen As Unlawful?

Sham marriages

It has already been reported several times in separate reports that the “Sham Marriages” are on a rise in UK, which is a direct consequence of the strict immigration laws in the country.

International refugee law

The problems of mass exodus of refugees and their influx into a nation have put international refugee law at a crossroads time and again.

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