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Finance Law Essays

The selection of Finance Law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work.

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Law of banking

Narni Pty Ltd was a company that managed a private nursing home called the Carrum Nursing Home

Expose shareholders and directors

In What Way May The Corporate Veil Be Pierced In Order To Expose Shareholders And Directors To Personal Liability For The Debts Of The Company?

Fraudulent activities in the banking word

In the banking word there are many types of fraudulent activities that take place. This paper will focus on check kiting also known as, “paper hanging”. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines check kiting

Lender of Last Resort

The concept of the lender of last resort (LOLR) owes its origins to Sir Francis Barings, who in 1797 referred to the Bank of England as the dernier resort from which all banks may get liquidity in times of crisis.[1]

The law relating to directors duties

The law relating to directors’ duties remains cumbersome, complex and inaccessible to most except those immersed in this area.

The rescue culture

The rescue culture is fundamental to the 1986 Insolvency Act (UK) and drawn upon recommendations made by Kenneth Cork who argued that a concern for the livelihood and well being of those dependent upon an enterprise

Rescue culture under insolvency law

The previous insolvency regime did not provide enough transparency and accountability to the range of stakeholders, especially to creditors.

The republic of mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius or the little giant of the Indian Ocean is widely known for its Sea, Sun and Sand. It is situated in the middle in the Indian Ocean and surrounded by the African, Asian and Australian continents.

Informal corporate rescue mechanism

Modern corporate and banking practices around the world have, over the years, adopted various measures to deal with distressed companies and distressed debts/loans.

Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992

The aim of this paper is to analyse the scope of the TCGA 1992 (The Act) and posit a conclusion whether it is too broad or not.

Particular average and insurance laws

Arnould defined “particular average” as ‘ a loss arising from damage accidentally and proximately caused by the perils insured against, to some particular interest, as the ship alone or the cargo alone.

Corporate disclosure and transparency

There is no gainsaying of the importance of corporate governance at a time when stock market interests have clambered up on to a much higher perch as compared to some years ago.

Letter of Credit | Free Financial Law Essay

Letter of Credit. The letter of credit is the most commonly used method of payment for goods in international trade. This thesis highlights the imbalance of the rights and duties of the parties in a letter of credit transaction by…

Best judgment assessment

Assessment means appraisal, evaluation, estimation, measurement, judgment etc. In the context income tax law it means then evaluation, estimation, or measurement of income.

Director and its kinds

This paper explores the term director and its kinds. It further discusses board and its composition. It will also briefly describe the term corporate governance, but the main emphasis of this paper remains the role

A special economic zone

A Special Economic Zone is a geographical region that has economic laws that are more liberal than a country’s typical economic laws.

Liability to tax on income

Any analysis of liability to tax on income of taxpayers living and working abroad, particularly those engaged in a trading venture, is inevitably complex.

The rights of a shareholder

One is regarded to be a shareholder if his or her name is entered into a company’s share register as being a holder at that time of one or more shares in the company or if you are entitled

International financial crime

The Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) is a piece of information which alerts the relevant authorities of any suspicious customer activity .

Stakeholder approach

It used to be thought that the company’s primary goal is or ought to be maximizing the interests of the shareholders. Nonetheless, more problems are increasingly raised concerning the shareholder primacy theory,

Firm of auditors employed

Z & Partners is a firm of auditors employed by X plc. Fred, the Chief Executive of X plc, asked Z & Partners to prepare some special accounts concerning X plc, telling them that he wanted to review the company

Increasing popularity of economic globalisation

Question: In The Light Of Thousands Of Bilateral Investment Treaties, Customary International Law Is Irrelevant For The Legal Protection Of Foreign Investors.

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