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Proportion of couples and family members

One of the most recurring issues that the courts are facing nowadays is the increasing proportion of couples and family members that are co-habitating outside of the traditional framework of a family.

Domestic violence and substance abuse

Substance abuse regarding with domestic violence is a very high risk amongst families. Either partner drinking can be a risk into violence, in which neither can hold their own actions.

Decree of divorce case

Peter is a successful merchant and seven years ago married Mary. Mary is a selfish and lazy woman. As soon as they were married, she made it clear to Peter that she was really only interested…

Children Act Ensured More Attention Paid

The Children Act 1989 was implemented in 1991. Its aim was to revolutionise practises and proceedings concerning the welfare of children in …

Divorce and ancillary relief

The assignment question primarily concerns divorce and ancillary relief. Firstly, Jenny needs to be advised as to whether she can obtain a divorce now or in the future.

Free Family Law Essay

Free Family Law Essays. Samantha and Gordon have been married for four years. Daniel and James, twins presently aged 13, live with them. They are Samantha’s sons from a previous relationship.

Rights of Families & Parents | Free Family Law Essay

Rights of Families & Parents. If the State was entitled to intervene in every case where professional opinion differed from that of parents, or where the State considered parents to be wrong in a decision, we would be rapidly stepping towards the Brave New World.

Gay Marriage Complicated Issue

Gay marriage was and still is a huge topic over which many political figures debate, the issue being whether or not same-sex couples should be …

Should the law of divorce be reformed

The present divorce law is governed by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. This work will consider whether this law is unsatisfactory and should be considered a ‘no fault’ divorce with much bitterness inherent in the process; and whether the speed, impersonality and insufficient attention to children is a reflection of the current law.

The childcare act

The Childcare Act 1991 was a milestone act which brought about huge positive changes in the way children at risk were dealt with in Ireland.

Abortion is termination of a pregnancy

Abortion is a very controversial issue regarding law and ethics. Abortion is termination of a pregnancy which is done by removing the foetus from the uterus of the pregnant woman and therefore kills the foetus.

Law does not recognise same sex marriage

The belief that marriage is solely a heterosexual institution, the fact that civil partnerships are available to same sex couples and the belief that the traditional family must be protected

Family behaviour and divorce rates

Introduction The emergence of no-fault divorce in Western civilisation has often been attacked for “transform[ing] marriage into an arrangement…

Family Law and Neglect | Free Family Law Essay

Family Law and Neglect. Law governing domestic relations always treads a very careful line between protecting the rights of privacy of people living in a liberal state and the need to protect and regulate certain relationships that are open to extreme abuse.

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