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Criminology Essays

The selection of Criminology essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work.

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Eyewitness testimony: how reliable is it?

Psychology has been used in the court systems when the competency of a suspect needs to be measured to determine if they are able to stand trial.

Capital punishment

The controversial issue of capital punishment has intense moral implications to all those involved especially to the religious individuals.

Social Learning Theory

What types of associations carry the greatest weight in influencing our behavior and why?

About cyber terrorism

Information Warfare, in any future conflict will give weaker nations, who do not possess the conventional military strength to win a war, an opportunity to wage an asymmetrical war.

Retributivists | Criminology Essay

One single unifying feature of criminal justice theories is that the imposition of punishment is necessary to the enforcement of criminal law…

The law regulating the offence of rape

The main controversy in this area of law lies within the effect that previous sexual evidence may have on the jurors. It is argued this kind of …

Pros and cons of death penalty

Basing on the existing information it is indicated that many countries have dropped death penalty as a method of punishment for the law breakers.

Broken windows theory of policing.

Explain the Broken Windows theory of policing. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Techniques of neutralization

This paper aims to present an application of techniques of neutralization by Sykes and Matza in one hand and anomie by Merton on the other in explaining white collar crime.

Due process and crime control

Throughout this assignment, it will aim to highlight the similarities and differences between the models of the criminal justice system, especially looking at the ‘due process’ model and the ‘crime control’ model.

The hacker and cyber security

In this new digital era, cyber security is probably the most imperative type of security people need to be worried about. Businesses, government agencies, financial institutions, and basically any type of entity that stores information digitally

Conjugal visit

Conjugal Visit is where a prison inmate is allowed to spend private time with a spouse or other family member such as kids and grandparents.

Ethics in criminal justice

According to the Encarta Electronic dictionary, ethics can be defined as the study of moral standards and how they affect conduct or a system of moral principles governing the appropriate conduct for a person or group.

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