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Treatment of Omission in Criminal Law

The author in this essay will critically discuss whether it is the correct approach for acts to have a distinct treatment than omissions.

Issues with Discrimination Laws

This essay considers the law of discrimination, specifically considering how the law does, and ought to select those groups of individuals whom warrant protection.

Issue of Consent in Sexual Offences

This essay predominantly aims to discuss the issue of rape and the element of consent which sits at the heart of the fundamentals that rule the subject of rape.

Consent to GBH: Issues in R v Brown

The case of R v Brown [1994] 1 AC 212 demonstrates the potential for prejudice to affect outcomes in criminal law cases.

Case study: Entrapment in criminal law

Prior to the enactment of the ECHR by the Human Rights Act 1998 there had been different interpretations of S101 of the Magistrates Court Act.

Twinsectra Ltd. v Yardley [2002]

The initial concern is one of procedure: that the Lords have sub-silento over-ruled Tan [1995] under the guise of faithful interpretation.

A historical summary and analysis of rape law

This essay will consider the evolution of the law on rape, focusing on the: Sexual Offences Act 2003 and Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999.

Establishing a Mens Rea in criminal law

There are several cases in which it has been found that intoxication, either through drugs or alcohol, can eliminate the defendant’s intention to kill.

Legal System Of Malaysia | Criminal Law Essay

Legal System Of Malaysia. There are various definitions of the term ‘legal system’. A Legal System is the framework of rules and institutions within a nation regulating individual’s relations with one another and between them and the government.

Theft robbery and burglary

In order to establish if a crime of theft has occurred it is important to consider if the Actus reus of theft has occurred. The first item to consider is whether appropriation has taken place.

Police misconduct

Detail at least one, if not two, specific ways in which law enforcement agencies can overcome police misconduct.

A criminally liable is established

A Criminally liable is established if the accused has been responsible for certain conduct proscribed by the criminal law and in relation to this conduct, the accused had the appropriate state of mind laid down by the law.

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