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Criminal Law Essays

The selection of Criminal Law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work.

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Twinsectra Ltd. v Yardley [2002]

The initial concern is one of procedure: that the Lords have sub-silento over-ruled Tan [1995] under the guise of faithful interpretation.

A historical summary and analysis of rape law

This essay will consider the evolution of the law on rape, focusing on the: Sexual Offences Act 2003 and Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999.

Establishing a Mens Rea in criminal law

There are several cases in which it has been found that intoxication, either through drugs or alcohol, can eliminate the defendant’s intention to kill.

Case study: Entrapment in criminal law

Prior to the enactment of the ECHR by the Human Rights Act 1998 there had been different interpretations of S101 of the Magistrates Court Act.

Principle of criminal law

A fundamental principle of criminal law, with regards to the common law is that the prosecution has the element of proving the defendant’s guilt in every aspect.

Policing Enforcing Rights | Criminal Law Essay

Policing is one of the most important requirements of a peaceful coexistence of the society. Policing can be described as an aspect of overseeing others to ensure that they keep to law and order.

Webb and goldwin

Webb and Goldwin have been and arrested for three offences, these are possession of a controlled drug, supply of a controlled drug and possession with intent to supply a controlled drug.

Criminal law and procedure

This assignment aims to consider the criminal liabilities of both Mr Stevens and Mr Edwards in regards to an incident that occurred on Monday 4th of October 2010 where a death of a man namely Mr Noname occurred. 

The concept of bailment generally

The purpose of this paper is to explore the role that bailment plays in relation to carriage of goods matters.

Strict liability

In Criminal Law strict liability is an offence that is imposed despite at least one element of mens rea being absent thus the reticence of the courts to impose such liability without this crucial element being present.

Art is product of human creativity

Art is subjective. Art is a product of human creativity and is nearly impossible to intrinsically define. So, it is unfortunate that to protect art from being copied, and therefore devalued, in the UK one must pigeon-hole it into narrow fields.

Enquiry into knife crime in britain

On June 29th last year, sixteen-year-old Ben Kinsella was celebrating the end of his GSCE with his friends in Shillibeers Brasserie Bar, in London. During their celebrations trouble broke out between Ben’s friend Alfie and a man called Osman Ozdemir.

Law governing rape and sexual assault

The law governing rape and sexual assault is contained in the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (SOA 2003) which came into force on …

Case speluncean explorers

Would affirm the conviction and sentence. The murder statute obviously applies to the defendants’ conduct, and it is not within the Courts province to ignore the statute.

Capital Punishment | Free Criminal Law Essay

Capital Punishment. It has been suggested that ‘It costs several million dollars to induce a painless death…it costs approximately $35,000 a year to house…criminals in prisons’. However, punishment by death is 100% effective in respect of the murderer who faces execution.