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Copyright Industry in the Cyber Age | Copyright Essay

Copyright Industry in the Cyber Age. The skies know no bounds. Neither do the air waves. The digital music industry is riding high on air waves and reaching out to the world to create a seamless unicultural global market for itself.

Trade Marks: The Essence of Confusion

The issue explored in this work neatly ties into this jurisprudential backdrop because confusion over origin of a Trade Mark defeats its very purpose.

What is a trademark?

Generally, a trademark is a virtually perceptible sign such as name, words, label, symbol or logo which is legally registered and this trademark represents a particular organization, company, product or service to distinguish it from other companies or products.

Expression of thought | Free Copyright Law Essay

Petersen J, giving judgement in 1916, determined that copyright was concerned with protecting the ‘expression of thought’ and not the ‘originality of ideas’. Copyright does not require that an expression must…

Intellectal property

The ECJ has recently taken to another level what constitutes unfair advantage in relation to comparative advertising with regards to protection of trade marks with reputation or well know brands.

Internet Copyright Protection | Free Copyright Law Essay

Internet Copyright Protection. Firstly, copyright is a property right that subsists in certain specified types of works provided for by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA); the owner of the copyright subsisting in a work has the exclusive right to do certain acts in relation to the work, such as making a copy, broadcasting or selling copies to the public

Copyright in the artwork

In this case the House of Lords took the opportunity to restate the principles applicable to the infringement of artistic Copyright.

Patent Infringement Protection | Free Copyright Law Essay

Patent Infringement Protection – International and Comparative Patent Law: American Home Products v Novartis (2001) RPC 159 elevates the protocol questions to the test for patent infringement. Explain on the basis of the…

Trademark conflicts

Trademark conflicts have been the primary cause of most Internet litigation to date. Why do trademarks and domain names always come head to head?

Idea and Expression Dichotomy

As above discussed, it has been well established that computer programs are protected as literary work under Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988

Copyright Infringement Patents | Free Copyright Law Essay

Copyright Infringement Patents. It may well seem that the concept of idea/expression dichotomy is the most complicated and controversial aspects in Copyright Law. Copyright law protects a work that it has been produced by one person and this person retains the right to use this work according his will; any person who without permission copy and use a copyright protected work then he will face an action by the court for copyright infringement.

Can generic trademarks be protected

The purpose of this Note is to analyse the law relating to the trademarks, which are composed exclusively of generic terms or are descriptive of the nature of the goods or services and are in no way distinctive of the manufacturer or the service provider,

An analysis of international copyright legislation

‘Where works are available only in digital form, the exceptions to and limitations upon copyright protection envisaged by most of the international copyright treaties are almost entirely neutralised’

Patent Technology Devices | Free Copyright Law Essay

Patent Technology Devices – The patent scheme is designed to protect technology devices, actual machines, and new chemical biotechnological/nano-technological compositions rather than pure concepts

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