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Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel Issues

This essay will evaluate the statement “The doctrine of promissory estoppel prevents (estops) a claimant from going back on a promise and has been described as a ‘shield and not a sword’.”

UK contract law and consumer legislation

Contract Law in the UK is legislated through the Sale and Supply of Goods Act (HMSO 1994), which provides for protection of the seller and the buyer.

Law of contract: Offer and acceptance

Legal recognition of an agreement is given where a contract can be said to have been established between the parties to an agreement.

Revocation or termination of an offer

Introduction Offer and Acceptance must be established before an agreement or a contract can be said to have occurred. For two parties to reach …

Second-hand Goods Law | Free Contract Law Essay

Second-hand Goods Law. The House of Lords’ decision in Shogun Finance Ltd v Hudson [2004] 1 A.C. 919 implicitly cautions against the risks associated with title to the purchase of second-hand goods

Triangular associates executive summary

This is report for Triangular Associates (henceforth, TA) offering contractual, project administrative advice and recommendations on how they …

The most important benefit of marriage

This paper will support the argument that, divorce laws governing married couples are not the most beneficial; in fact they are just one of many. Throughout this paper the aim is to compare laws that govern married couples with cohabitants, exemplifying an inadequate legal system.

The Problem Of Privity In Cases

This problem of privity invites the discussion the right of Harriet, a third party vis a vis the contract between Ivor and Jerry Builders Ltd …

Mistake In Contract Law | Free Contract Law Essay

Mistake in contract law is an incorrect understanding by one or more parties to a contract and may be used as grounds to invalidate the agreement. Common law has identified three different types of mistake in contract…

The irac methodology

This question involves two different contracts, and each will be dealt with separately below. In addressing the fact patterns the answers will adopt the IRAC methodology.

The court uses the Objective test

On the 29th October, 2010 Steven advertised in the NewFocus Paper, “Yamaha Piano latest model, excellent condition, RM15, 000, interested …

Offer rather than an invitation to treat

1 Introduction In considering this assignment, we note that whilst the text indicates particular circumstances, there are instances where …

Breach of contract in construction

The Bellgrove v Eldridge case was bought before the High Court in 1954 in relation of a breach in contract. My understanding of this case is that…

That Of A Creditor Debtor

Introduction A banker, in addition to his primary functions, renders a number of services to his customers. After the account in the bank …

The question about validity of postal rule

INTRODUCTION The postal rule remains one of the most controversial and confusing part of modern contract law as it diverts from the general rule …

To create liability for misrepresentation

Part B: Misrepresentation. Misrepresentation is a contract law concept. It means a false statement of fact made by one party to another party …




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