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Insider Dealing Dissertation

This dissertation will attempt to investigate the need to prohibit and regulate insider dealing. It will identify the problems associated with its regulation…

Intellectual Property Disertation

Trying to define the essence of intellectual property is difficult. Most definitions, in fact, simply list examples of intellectual property rights…

Juristic Personality of a Corporation

This proposed doctoral research intends to focus on the juristic personality of a corporation, looking at it from the nature, what gave rise to legal…

Lay People Dissertation

Laypeople are people without any formal legal training. They can also be called lay magistrates, lay Justices or Justices of the Peace.

Limited Liability Partnership Bill, 2006

Limited liability concept was introduced in order to adopt a corporate form, which combines the organizational flexibility and tax status of partnership…

The Marine Bill Dissertation

This dissertation is about the relationship between marine environment and sustainable development.

Method of Regulation in Professional Sport

One of the most documented incidents at the height of covert cheating was named ‘Bloodgate’.[3] In the Heineken Cup quarter-final, April 2009

No Fault Scheme For Tort of Negligence

This paper will review the current system for civil liability in the tort of negligence. The analysis will evaluate arguments for and against…

Principles of liability and personality

This dissertation will discuss the principles of limited liability and corporate personality and the courts’ reluctance to disregard the corporate veil…

Revenge Porn Legislation and Sexting

Should sexting be criminalised to combat the issue of revenge porn? 1.      Introduction ­ This study will explore the issue of revenge porn which is a niche area under cyber-bullying in the 21st century. The definition of revenge porn is a distribution of explicit images or videos of an individual without consent.[1]This is usually done […]

Individual Freedom and the Social Contract

Social Contract Theory is of importance to all legal scholars because it is a theoretical discourse which attempts to legitimise the coercive and invasive nature of law on naturally free persons

Tax Avoidance in Thailand

The objective of this dissertation is to seek clarification to the problem of transactions concerning transfer pricing issues and to find a solution to be adopted in Thai tax system

Victim-centred Transitional Justice

Transitional justice aims to address issues arising from violations committed during conflict or political violence.

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