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Anti-Corruption Measures in Ghana and Kenya

Since Ghana and Kenya gained independence in 1957 and 1963 respectively, there have been serious allegations of corruption involving high-ranking government officials.

Law of Contract – Construction Contracts

To be in the position of having to deal with the concept of the Contractor Design Portion (CDP) one must be party to a binding construction contract.

Corporate Governance and Capitalisation

Globalization has resulted in the opening of markets and injection of direct foreign investment in markets of emerging economies.

Corporate Governance in Telecommunications

This research study is based on an analysis of the different corporate governance systems followed by the Telecommunication Companies in the UK.

Corporate Insolvency Law

The main objective of this research is to look at the changes that took place in insolvency law after the introduction of the Enterprise Act 2002.

Criminal Justice Dissertation

The Criminal Court procedure is a criminal prosecution that is raised by the Crown Prosecution Service, who are civil servants of the State.

Cross-border Trade and Trademark Protection

Parallel imports in today�s global economics represent great concern for the producers, who are trying to secure their investments and goodwill.

Defence of Duress Overview

It is well recognised that a defendant may be excused if he has committed a crime (except murder, attempted murder or treason) because he was threatened…

EC Treaty – Vertical Block Examption

Competition is a vital mechanism of the market economy and is an efficient means of guaranteeing consumers a level of quality in terms of the value

Electronic Signatures Dissertation

The Electronic Signature Regulations in the UK are Expect to Provide a Framework Which Will Increase the Use of Electronic Signatures…

Employee and Employer Relationships

Mr Witanga has enjoyed model making as a hobby for over thirty years. In March 2004 he was engaged by Hans Christian Anderson Model Making Studio Ltd…

Equal Pay Act

In view of the sexual discrimination that takes place in several organizations, the impact of the Equal Pay Act needs to be taken into consideration…

Human Right to Water

The human right to water was first recognized with the adoption of General Comment No. 15 by the United Nations (UN) Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 2002

Human Trafficking Dissertation

Human Trafficking has been considered to be a violation against humanity around 200 years ago and today, it is seen as an instance of modern-day slavery.

Insider Dealing Dissertation

This dissertation will attempt to investigate the need to prohibit and regulate insider dealing. It will identify the problems associated with its regulation…




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