A-level Law Coursework Examples

Below you will see excerpts from two subjects at A-level standard.

Real Property Coursework

Excerpt: 'Williams & Glyn's Bank Ltd v Boland is a case where the use of overriding interests came to light. This is the traditional situation of matrimonial home ownership, where the husband was the sole proprietor; however the wife had made substantial contributions to the home, which means that through equity create a resulting trust in the favour of the wife.' 2500 Words - Grade B

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Intellectual Property Coursework

Excerpt: 'These criteria are found under the Patents Act of 1977 Section 1 and there are two types of patentable invention, which are product inventions and process inventions. Therefore as long as the process is hardware related it is patentable, if it is computer software related it is excluded from patentability and falls under copyright protection.' 2500 Words.

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