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Are you looking for dissertation help? Perhaps you are in search of free undergraduate law dissertation proposals? To help you with writing your own dissertation proposals, we have given you a few examples below to learn from.

Commercial Law Dissertation Proposal

Excerpt: 'This exploration will be concerned with the practical application of law to theory in the first three chapters this exploration will explore the history and use ROT Clauses in the UK.' 1000 words

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Corporate Manslaughter Dissertation Proposal

Excerpt: 'The next stage will be the literature review. The purpose of this is to discuss theories and ideas that exist on the topic and this, will form the majority of the paper. This secondary research will complement and test the findings from any primary research.' 1000 words

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Criminal Justice Dissertation Proposal

Excerpt: 'The UK would have no such power and consequently, Britain's efforts in the international campaign against terrorism and political tyranny would loose even more respect than that already sacrificed over Iraq.' 2000 words

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