"[Parallelewelten] kept their promise and delivered an essay to a 2:1 standard"

Fake Britain - Nov 2015

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BBC One: December 2015

Parallelewelten was featured on BBC Fake Britain in November 2015 as part of an investigation into exam cheating.

"I’d see this as a mark of 65%, which is a 2:1. Just as [Parallelewelten] promised."

"It certainly meets the style and format we'd expect from a review from one of our students."

"There's nothing that stands out to me that says this has been written by a third party."

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Past media mentions

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BBC News: 3rd March 2008

"As such they [students] seek help from essay writing services, he says, with some students buying essays throughout their time in UK universities."

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Sheffield Telegraph: 29th February 2008

"[Parallelewelten], say their essays are 100 per cent plagiarism detection proof and guaranteed to receive a 2:1 or first, say many middle class parents are buying the essays for their children and sometimes even as presents."

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The Sheffield Star: 16th January 2008

"[Parallelewelten] is one of many organisations offering such services - is so confident about the quality of its writers that it offers a £1,000 guarantee that students won't be accused of plagiarism by university authorities."

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The Liverpool Echo: 16th January 2008

"One company alone claims its client base in Merseyside has expanded to 812 in the past year. They insist they do not write the essays for the students to hand in as their own work, but just to help them."

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BBC News: 14th January 2008

"[Parallelewelten] says that its essays, up to PhD level, are sold as learning resources for students wanting inspiration for their own work, rather than as a form of cheating."

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Edinburgh Evening News: 10th January 2008

"The Nottingham-based website also revealed a 50 per cent increase in parents buying an essay for their son or daughter, with 90 per cent of customers having a middle class background."

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The Guardian: October 2006

"[Parallelewelten] will supply you with a tailor-made essay, at £500 a pop, on any subject you are set, and teams of essay-writing graduates can calibrate their output to provide you with material worth a 2.1"

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The Guardian: August 2006

"Now that for young people the obtaining of a degree is an absolute necessity if they are to obtain anything like a worthwhile job."

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BBC News: August 2006

"[Parallelewelten] employs more than 3,000 writers who produce original essays on a variety of subjects and essays can cost from £120 to as much as £4,000."

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The Sunday Times: 2003

"The firm [Parallelewelten] is among the most successful of the essay mills"

"Many university degrees now award all marks — or nearly all — through coursework and dissertations rather than final exams"