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Bisset v Wilkinson – 1927

The defendant in this matter was the purchaser of land in New Zealand which was purchased by the claimant for the purpose of sheep farming.

Blackburn v Attorney General – 1971

The claimant, Blackburn, asserted that the decision by Parliament to allow Britain to join the Economic Community and sign the…

Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee

The claimant suffered injuries during the procedure. The claimant sued the defendant, claiming the doctor was negligent for not restraining them or…

Bolton v Stone 1951

In this case, the likelihood of the harm was very low, and erecting a fence any higher than the defendant had already done would be impractical.

Bonham v College of Physicians

Bonham, a trained medical doctor, petitioned to join the College of Physicians but was rejected. A short time later he applied for….

Bonnington Castings v Wardlaw – 1956

The employee of a dressing shops foundry was exposed to noxious dust from swing grinders, allegedly causing him to contract pneumoconiosis.

Borman v Griffith [1930]

Borman leased a garden which included a paddock, orchard and adjoining gardens, on a long term basis.

Botham v TSB Bank

In possession proceedings against the appellant numerous items were held to be fixtures and therefore would become the property…

Bourhill v Young – 1943

Mr Young had been negligently riding his motorcycle and was responsible for a collision with car in which he himself suffered fatal injuries.

Bowater v Rowley Regis Corporation

The plaintiff was a carter employed to go around the streets and collect road sweepings. For this purpose, he was provided with a horse…

Bowles v Bank of England – 1913

Mr Bowles purchased a high number of Irish Land Stock which was transferred to his name in Bank of England books. The Committee of the House of Commons…

BP Exploration Co v Hunt – Summary

BP entered an agreement with Hunt, under which BP would explore and develop his oil concession in Libya at their own expense. This expenditure…

Bradbury v Morgan – 1862

Leigh requested that Bradbury provide credit to his brother to the value of £100. Leigh guaranteed the account owned by his brother to this effect.

Bradford v Robinson Rentals Ltd

The claimant, Bradford, was an employee of the defendants, Robinson Rentals, and in the course of his employment it was requested…

Brice v Brown

C, a woman aged 42, had suffered from a hysterical personality disorder since childhood. She was, however, able to lead a…

Bridle v Ruby [1989]

A company built houses and later sold number 12. The original transfer reserved the transferor and the successors…

Brimelow v Casson

Brimelow was a theatrical manager and Casson was a member of the Joint Protection Committee, effectively a trade union of sorts.

Brinkibon v Stahag Stahl – 1983

Brinkibon Ltd later wanted to sue Stahag Stahl for breach of contract and applied to serve an out of jurisdiction party.

British Coal Corporation v R

The British Coal Corporation, together with four other companies involved in the import of coal, were convicted of unduly restraining the coal industry.

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