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Legal Case Summaries

This selection of case summaries has been prepared by the legal professionals at Parallelewelten.net. Select a case below to see a full case summary or search for a case name in the box below (you can also try search essays for even more results):

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X City Council v MB

M, aged 25, had severe autistic spectrum disorder. He was cared for by P, who had arranged for him to meet his cousin in…

X (Minors) v Bedforshire CC

The House of Lords dealt with various appeals in respect of alleged breaches of statutory duty by local authorities in relation to the care of children.

Yanner v Eaton [1999]

The appellant was an indigenous hunter who killed two animals in a creek for his own consumption.

Yaxley v Gotts [2000]

The claimant, Yaxley, made an oral agreement with the defendant that Yaxley would refurbish and convert…

Yewen v Noakes – 1880

There was a statutory exemption for premises which were occupied by a “servant” or person occupying the premises “for the protection thereof.”

Yianni v Evans – 1981

The defendants were valuers who had prepared a report on behalf of a building society in order to understand whether a house would…

Yip-Chiu-Cheung v R

The defendant entered into an agreement with an undercover narcotics officer in a hotel in Hong Kong. The agreement was that the defendant was to…

YL v Birmingham City Council – 2007

Y was a resident of a care home run by a healthcare company (S). Her placement had been arranged by the respondent local authority (B)…

Young v Dalgety

The appellant landlord entered into a lease which required the tenant to covenant to install light fittings and flooring to the property.

Yuanda UK v WW Gear Construction

The claimant was a contractor instructed to install a glazed curtain wall in a hotel constructed by the defendant. The contract entered into between…

Z v UK Case Summary

Z and Others v United Kingdom (Application No 29392/95). The applicants, four siblings, Z, a girl born in 1982, A, a boy born in 1984…