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Wheeldon v Burrows (1879)

A workshop and adjacent piece of land owned by Wheeldon was put up for sale. The land was sold separately.

Wheeler v Copas – 1981

The plaintiff was a partner in a bricklaying company. The defendant was a farmer who wanted a house built on his farm and…

Wheeler v JJ Saunders Ltd

Wheeler bought properties adjacent to a farm. There were two access points to the properties, one via an access strip…

Wheeler v New Merton Board Mills

An eighteen-year-old workman was working at a machine for cutting cardboard with revolving sharp knives and, whilst collecting the shavings…

Whiston v Secretary of State For Justice

In Whiston v Secretary of State for Justice [2014] UKSC 39, the Supreme Court considered the issue of whether a person released from prison on a home detention curfew who is subsequently recalled to prison under s. 255 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, has rights pursuant to article 5(4) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

White and Bluett – 1853

The defendant was sued by his deceased father’s executors on a promissory note acknowledging a debt owed by the son which was signed by…

White & Carter v McGregor – 1962

White & Carter, the appellants, were advertising contractors that agreed with a representative of a garage proprietor to advertise for his…

White v Blackmore – 1972

Mr White was thrown into the air and died from his injuries. Mrs White claimed damages in negligence and for breach of s2 Occupier’s Liability Act 1957.

White v Bluett – 1853

Bluett Sr. lent his son, the respondent in this case, a sum of money and died before his son had repaid this to him. Bluett Sr. and Jr. had agreed on this…

White v Jones – 1995

A man, Mr White, wished to change his will so as to leave £9000 for the benefit of his two daughters, who he had chosen to exclude at…

Wilkes v Spooner

A lessee of premises (L), upon which the lessee conducted his business as a general butcher, contained a covenant by which L covenanted

Wilkie v Redsell 2003

Claim for equitable relief denied by claimant’s own unconscionable conduct.

Wilkinson v Downton – 1897

Downton (D) made a joke to Mrs Wilkinson (W) that her husband, Thomas Wilkinson (T) had had an accident in which both his legs…

Williams & Glyn’s Bank Ltd v Boland

The appeal concerned two consolidated cases. In a matrimonial home, each wife contributed to home’s purchase monies…

Williams (JW) v Williams

The effect of the purpose of a trust in providing a family home on an attempted claim for a sales order under the 1925 LPA.

Williams (JW) v Williams (MA)

A husband and wife jointly owned a piece of property that acted as their family home, where they lived alongside their four children.

Williams v Hensman

A fund of money had been bequeathed by a mother, on trust for eight children to be invested in order to create…

Williams v Morgan – 1906

The defendant was a borrower under a mortgage and the lender was the plaintiff’s predecessor. The mortgage deed provided that the principal…

Williams v Roffey Bros – 1991

The appellants subcontracted some work to Williams, a carpenter. When Williams fell behind with his work the appellants offered him bonus payment…

Willis v Hoare (1999)

The claimant was the head-tenant of a third-party’s land, and had granted a four-year sub-lease to the defendant.

Wilsher v Essex Area Health Authority

An infant was delivered prematurely and shortly after was administered oxygen by a junior doctor, accidentally providing too much.

Wilson Smithett v Bangladesh Sugar

A company responded to a tender invitation concerning the sale of sugar with Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries. Following the submission of the tender…

Wilson v Lombank

Wilson bought a car off Lombank. The representative of Lombank had no right to sell the vehicle. Wilson took the vehicle…

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