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Legal Case Summaries

This selection of case summaries has been prepared by the legal professionals at Parallelewelten.net. Select a case below to see a full case summary or search for a case name in the box below (you can also try search essays for even more results):

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Bank of Ireland Home Mortgages v Bell

A husband and wife jointly owned a house, which acted as the family home for them and their teenage child. The husband subsequently…

Banks v Cox

B brought a claim for damages for misrepresentation after acquiring a nursing home business that was previously managed by C.

Bannerman v White – 1861

The claimant, Bannerman, formed a contract with the defendant, White, regarding the purchase of hops, intending to use them to produce beer.

Bannister v Bannister [1948]

Constructive trust of land; oral agreement to allow vendor to occupy a house rent free.

Banque Keyser Ullman v Skandia

The plaintiff bank had made loans against property which the borrower had informed them valuable, and had also taken out insurance policies from the…

Barclays Bank v Alcorn

The defendant had argued that the charge did not cover a separate building on the property known as “The Cottage.” The defendant refused to give up…

Barclays Bank v Bird

An equitable charge was created over the property of Mr Bird. It contained a clause whereby the plaintiff obtained an irrevocable power…

Barclays Bank v O’Brien

The defendants were a married couple who took out a second mortgage on their home as security for overdraft facilities extended by Barclays…

Barclays Bank Plc v Zaroovabli

Barclays Bank claimed possession of a house from Mr and Mrs Zaroovabli (Z), and their tenant, Mrs Pourdanay…

Barclays v Fairclough Building Ltd

B employed F to clean a roof which was made of corrugated sheets. F did not take any safety precautions when cleaning. The premises were contaminated…

Barker v Corus – 2006

This case was an appeal from the earlier decision in Barker v Saint Gobain Pipelines Plc [2004] EWCA Civ 545, regarding the deceased claimant who had…

Barker v Saint Gobain Pipelines

The claimant, Barker, developed lung cancer (malignant mesothelioma) following exposure to asbestos in the course of employment.

Barkway v South Wales Transport

The claimant was injured when a bus drove off the road because of a latent, undetectable defect in the tyre that made it burst.

Barrett v Halifax Building Society

A possession order granted to the respondents over the applicant’s home was suspended to allow the applicants time to find a purchaser for the property.

Barrett v Ministry of Defence

The plaintiff was the widow of the deceased, who was a British naval army serviceman. He died of asphyxiation on his own vomit after…

Barrett v Morgan 2000

Head lease terminated on agreement between landlord and tenant; impact on sub-tenancy

Barry v Davies – 2000

Two brand new engine analyser machines owned by Customs and Exise were put up for auction by the defendant auctioneer. Each could be procured from…

Barry v Hasseldine

The previous owner of the plaintiff’s parcel of land bought it from the defendant in 1947.

Barton v County Natwest Bank – 1999

The plaintiff, County Natwest Ltd (CN), loaned money to a company of which Barton (B) was an officer and guaranteed the value of the loan.