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Case 6/64 Flaminio Costa v E.N.E.L

In 1962 the Italian Republic introduced a law which nationalised the production and *427 distribution of electricity and created an organisation…

A (A Juvenile) v R

A was seen to have spat on a police officer’s rain jacket, during the course of being escorted from one location to another. The rain coat was used as…

A and others v UK

The case concerned the indefinite detention of foreign prisoners in the United Kingdom prison ‘Belmarsh’.

A-G Ref (No 1 of 1983)

The defendant was a policewoman who was mistakenly paid an extra £74 in her wages by direct debit into her bank account. The employer made no…

A-G v Whelan

Mr Whelan was convicted of handling stolen goods. It was found that he had acted under a threat of death or immediate violence.

A-G’s Ref (No 3 of 1994)

B stabbed his pregnant girlfriend, who then prematurely gave birth to S. S was wounded in the stabbing and died after 121 days after being born…

A v B [2002] 2 All ER 545

The claimant, A, was a professional footballer who sought an injunction against the defendant newspaper, B, from publishing details…

A v UK – 1998

A, a nine year old boy, was discovered to have numerous bruises following an examination by a paediatrician, which indicated that…

Abbott v Abbott [2007]

Beneficial ownership of matrimonial home; mortgage instalments; gift from husband’s mother.

Cases on Actus Reus | Actus Reus Cases

Cases on Actus Reus. A car driver was prosecuted for failing to give precedence to a pedestrian on a zebra crossing, but was acquitted when it was established that his car had been pushed onto the crossing by another car hitting it from behind.

Adam Opel GmbH v Mitras Automotive

Mitras was in the business of manufacturing automotive parts and was the sole supplier of a particular part. Adam decided to source the part…

Adams v Lindsell | Contract Law Case | Parallelewelten

The case of Adams v Lindsell (1818) 1 B & Ald 681 is taught to university law students when studying offer and acceptance. It is often thought by students to have set a rather strange precedent.

Adams v Rhymney Valley District Council

The Court held that the defendant had exercised reasonable skill and care, and produced a design which other professionals had also produced and used.

Adealon International v Merton LBC

Adealon’s predecessor in title B Ltd, owned land by a highway, but there was no access to this road from B…

Adoption | Family Law Study Area | Parallelewelten

Adoption. An adoption order made by an ‘authorised court’ (that is, a Family Proceedings Court, a County Court or the High Court) transfers a child from one family to another by vesting parental

AG Securities v Vaughan [1990]

AG Securities possessed a long lease of a four bedroom property which was rented to Vaughan and three other individuals…

Attorney-General v Antrobus

The ability of the public to acquire a public right of way over land acquired through long user

AG v Jonathan Cape [1976]

Between 1964 and 1970 a Cabinet Minister, with the knowledge of his Cabinet colleagues, kept a diary recording…

Ailsa Craig Fishing Ltd v Malvern Fishing

The claimant kept their vessels in a harbour, which was guarded under an agreement requiring the defendant to protect the vessels in the harbour…

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